About me

I am a communications professional with experience of online, print and broadcasting journalism.

The bulk of my experience has been in print media, but I have also worked as a online journalist and a broadcast researcher.

I am currently working in the press office at Jisc, the technology organisation for the further and higher education sectors. I am available for occasional freelance commissions.

Online and print

My previous role at Jisc was editing the Efficiency Exchange website where I played a leading role in the redesign of the website in 2016. As well as editing the site, I managed its social media channels and regular emails to subscribers.

I have freelanced for a number of titles including The Guardian’s professional networks, Public Finance, Press Gazette, Social Enterprise and various BBC websites. In 2008, I spent a month working on a national newspaper in India where I covered education and social issues.

During the 2010 general election I worked for Channel 4 News. Most of my work was for the acclaimed FactCheck blog where I checked politicians’ claims for accuracy. I continued to freelance on Channel 4 News‘ website until 2014.

After graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2000, I cut my teeth in journalism by working as a reporter on the weekly magazine Planning and and the regeneration title New Start.

Broadcast Research

After returning from a career break in 2009, I worked on a project for Look North, the BBC’s evening news programme for the North East and Cumbria. The project was multimedia so it involved working closely with producers and reporters on local radio stations and websites.

In summer 2010 I was one of 20 journalists selected out of more than 1,000 candidates for the BBC’s Journalism Talent Pool programme. This led to freelance opportunities including at BBC London’s website, Newsnight and Radio 4’s You and Yours.


Rosie Niven, May 2018

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