Here are some of the stories and features I’ve worked on over the past few years. Unfortunately, not everything is available online, but feel free to email a request for samples of other things that I have produced. You can also view my Google+ profile.

Marketing strategies for achieving business growth

The Guardian, 13/01/2014

Turning Journalists into scientists

The Journalist, December 2013 / January 2014

Lifeline says it investigated former Co-op Bank chair over allegations of false expenses claims

Third Sector, 22/11/2014

Exporting food to the world’s British expat community

The Guardian, 13/08/2013

The complexity of defining community

The Guardian, 03/05/2013

Rising from the ranks

The Journalist, April / May 2013

New resident-led regeneration scheme aims to transform communities

The Guardian, 10/04/2013

How SMEs can export to Germany

The Guardian, 04/01/2013

How people with disabilities inspire cutting edge design

Channel 4 News, 24/12/2012

So long, be seeing you Ceefax

The Journalist (see page 25) December 2012

Charities should consider social impact when investing

The Guardian, 24/10/2012

How the Great Storm changed the UK’s woodlands

Channel 4 News, 16/10/2012

Community groups can make a big difference to sustainable development

The Guardian, 05/10/2012

Meet the small businesses who have exported to India

The Guardian, 28/08/2012

How riot recovery brought communities together

Channel 4 News, 10/08.2012

Universities and voluntary organisations should work together

The Guardian 07/08/2012

Cornwall Together: investing to cut the local cost of energy

The Guardian 31/07/2012

Torch fires British passion for the Games

Channel 4 News, 26/07/12

Winners and losers in the race for athletics talent

Channel 4 News, 21/07/12

High-speed broadband: the next step for the co-operative movement

The Guardian 22/06/2012

Is it time for your charity to conduct a strategic review?

The Guardian 13/06/2012

How Big Local Trust is inspiring community-led action

The Guardian 31/05/2012

Cabinet of mayors proves controversial,

The Guardian 27/04/2012

How local groups can benefit from community buying

The Guardian 30/03/2012

How gap year students can help UK-based charities

The Guardian 16/03/2012

Living on Less

CTA Journal (see pages 18 – 20) March

Newsroom service

The Journalist (see pages 20 – 21) February/March

Confusion over FITs sets social housing projects back

The Guardian 06/01/2012

The role of social media in community building and development

The Guardian 08/12/2011

Is it all over for David Cameron’s big society agenda

The Guardian 11/11/2011

On the Move

The Journalist (see pages 12 – 13) October/November

Interview: Brendan Gormley

The Guardian 15/09/2011

Will the localism agenda undermine rural housing development?

The Guardian 16/09/2011

Are Londoners ready for parish councils?

BBC London 15/09/2011

Parish Councils take on new role as budget cuts bite

The Guardian 03/08/2011

Community action – with a little help from the council

The Guardian 18/07/2011

Being the sole fundraiser can be a lonely business

The Guardian 27/05/2011

Widening participation through volunteering

The Guardian 10/05/2011

How youth hostels have been given a new lifeline by social entrepreneurs

The Guardian 11/04/2011

In search of a cafe culture

The Journalist (see pages 14 – 15) February 2011

HMOs bring problems and solutions to the English coast

The Guardian 04/02/2011

New roles in Journalism

The Journalist (see pages 14 – 15) December 2010

All together now

The Journalist (see pages 10 – 12) June 2010

Lib Dems propose new bodies to replace RDAs

New Start 07/01/10

Olympic organisers plan for festival atmosphere

New Start 06/01/10

Curbs on the burbs

New Start 01/04/09

Laos Banks on Tourism

Planning 27/03/09

New York City high

New Start 01/03/09

New fund aims to repair ruined Australian communities

New Start 18/02/09

World cup plan needs balls

Social Enterprise 10/12/08

‘Decade of hell’ for staff journalists could help freelances

Press Gazette 28/11/08

Spice up your cuttings with a work placement overseas

Press Gazette 24/03/08

Green wedding lists

BBC Green 24/03/08

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