The boring bit…


I take no responsibility for the content on any websites that I’ve linked to from this site.


I am happy to have my posts scrutinised and to receive constructive criticism. I am a sensitive soul, but am happy to have my posts challenged and I welcome debate.

I would encourage posters to be considerate to other users. I will not tolerate personal attacks on any individual, whether they are involved with the discussion or not, especially when they don’t relate to the debate. Please do not bring grudges from other discussions and forums to this blog.

Feel free to post links where they add to the debate, but not spam. Also, please use your real name when posting: other users will want to know with whom they are engaging. I will also not approve comments if they are not relevant to the post they are proporting to respond to.

Racism, sex­ism, homo­pho­bia or any con­tri­bu­tions that could be inter­preted as representing such views have no place on this blog. I will use my moderation powers when posts contravene these guidelines and will block people who persistently abuse the comment section.

This is a blog and a showcase for my work rather than a community or forum and is not primarily intended for debate.  For those reasons, if maintaining community standards proves too onerous I will turn the comments facility off altogether.

If you act with consideration for other users and keep your comments relevant to the debate you should have no problems. I hope these measures will mean that this blog will continue to be a place for positive debate and discussion.

Happy posting!

And finally…

All views expressed in any of my posts on this blog are entirely my own – not those of my employers or clients.

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