A towering disappointment: the sequel

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my disappointment on missing out on the chance to sample views from London’s BT Tower as part of Open House London. Little did I know that three weeks later, I would unexpectedly get the chance to achieve this ambition.

Today, I was invited to an event at the BT Tower and afterwards got to go up to floor 34 and have an amazing vantage across the capital. It was a beautiful autumn day – perfect for unspoiled views of London.

I’ve been up the Gherkin, Centrepoint, Tower 42 (at night) and one of the Canary Wharf buildings, but I have to say that The BT Tower tops them all. The reason for this is that its location in the West End provides some great views of the square mile’s skyscrapers in the distance.

Some say that the Rockafeller Centre offers a better experience than the Empire State Building because its downtown views include the Empire State Building. I think the BT Tower offers better views than its city rivals for the same reasons. It’s such a shame that it is not open more regularly to the public – I hope this is not the last time that I get to go up.

I must add that this visit did not come about as a result of my last post, although the power of blogging has moved mountains before. It was on invitation of the Olympic Park Legacy Company which was holding a press conference there.

It was a interesting event – the latest plans for the Olympic Park are very eye catching – though the event was not exactly hitch free. A few minutes in and it transpired that the live feed from the auditorium to the press room was silent. Cue a mass rush of journalists too the auditorium where we all piled in at the back behind the dignitaries!

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