The journalist of the future: 1st day of Christmas

What the hell is a director of distributed journalism? Is a curator a boffin who decides what to put in a museum? Does a data miner need a lamp and helmet?

You’d be forgiven for being totally flummoxed when coming across some of the titles that journalists are given these days. Some of the ones listed above typify the emerging roles in the media professions. And the emergence of these roles are challenging journalists’ traditional skillset like never before.

Just before Christmas, an article that I wrote for the NUJ’s Journalist magazine on this very subject was published. It is a very big area and I a lot of the information that I got didn’t make the final feature.

Some of the unused information is likely to be helpful to new starters and mid-career journalists so over the 12 days of Christmas I am going to publish these outakes online in the form of blogs and podcasts.

The series will continue tomorrow with a post on professional transfer, which has created many new disciplines over the years. My post will focus on the disciplines of social reporter, service designer and corporate anthropologist.

In the meantime, enjoy the article on page 14 / 15 of the Journalist.

One thought on “The journalist of the future: 1st day of Christmas

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