One year of freelancing

Last Tuesday, I marked the first anniversary of going freelance full time. It was quite a satisfactory landmark because I would never have thought that I would ever be self employed at all, let alone for an entire year. Business studies was one of my weakest subjects at school and I am sure my teacher would be surprised to hear that I am a relatively successful sole trader.

Back on 23rd October 2010, I wrote about what I had learned about freelancing from my first two weeks. Looking back at what I wrote, it is surprising how little has changed. I am still doing shifts, many booked in the last minute, it is still a feast or famine and I still have slack days.

On the positive side, I have more work than I did this time last year. If the next six months of the year continue like the past six months, I will be delighted. Also, I have broadened my list of clients, moved more into online journalism and also got some experience of PR.

One slight negative is that I didn’t think that I would still be freelancing a year on. Last October I was optimistic that by now I would have a contract and a monthly payslip. It hasn’t worked out that way.

But I have learned that I do enjoy the freelance lifestyle. Apart from the occasional bout of paranoia, I spend evenings relaxing and living for the moment rather than worrying about work the next day. So who knows what I will be doing next year?

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