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The unexpected impact of spending cuts

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Now that last month’s spending cuts have been thoroughly digested, it’s a good time to look at the implications for media training.

The impact of the Browne Review has been looked at by the Wannabe Hacks who rightly point out that there may be more demand for fast track NCTJ courses as students opt for traditional subjects along with more cost effective vocational training.

However, I believe that even if this shift happens, the academic route into journalism will remain strong particularly at post graduate level, despite fee increases at undergraduate level. And ironically, I believe it will be the public sector spending cuts that boost the numbers of Journalism MA Programmes and other professional post-graduate courses.

It has been predicted that the public sector in the UK will shed around one million jobs over the next few years. Few of these people will be able to find new jobs in the public sector, leaving them with the option of finding work in the private sector, starting their own business or retraining. Continue reading

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Best of both worlds

UCB, Berkeley, school of journalism

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Last week’s A-level results signalled the start of the annual clamour for university places. But the shortage of university places this year and the growing burden of debt on students has led some to question whether it is worth going to university at all.

One area that has been singled out for particular criticism is vocational courses, which includes journalism. As I said in my last post, I did not do a journalism post-graduate qualification. I did not do a journalism degree either.

While I am pleased I opted for a more academic BA programme (Modern History and Politics), I can see three advantages of a journalism degree: Continue reading

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