Common Ground

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At the risk of spreading myself too thinly I’ve decided to set up my own hyperlocal blog. Part of the reason I haven’t done this already is because I’ve not had a permanent address until now. Now that I have, I intend to immerse myself in my neighbourhood.

My current locality is Balham, but my blog covers Balham, Tooting and Clapham South, or more specifically the area between Clapham, Tooting and Wandsworth Commons. So I’ve called it Common People and South West London’s green lungs have already featured prominantly.

I’ve opted for a Tumblr platform, partly to generate content as regularly as I can while I’m starting off and partly to act as a front page. In the background, I plan to have a WordPress blog, which will feature original posts and possibly some more journalistic stuff. There will be individual feeds for each neighbourhood, which the Tumblr blog will link to.

Obviously, it’ll be a big job to run a good hyperlocal blog, so I’m on the look out for collaborators. Any volunteers will be more than welcome!

In the meantime, I’ll be studying this e-book carefully. It was put together by Adam Westbrook, a multimedia journalist, whose blog I highly recommend to any ambitious journalist focused on self-improvement.

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