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The glamour of the grey cardigan

Poster for subs

Subs is playing at The Cock Tavern until 29/02

The working lives of journalists have been dramatised many times, both on stage and screen. From Hollywood blockbusters like All the Presidents Men to small screen hits like The State of Play, most portray the profession as glamorous and heroic.

But as many journalists would testify, the profession isn’t always like that. For every Bob Woodward, you’ll have the poor sod who has to write about pork belly futures for a trade magazine in Topeka, Kansas. The State of Play is particularly guilty of idealising the profession. Continue reading

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The newsroom of the future

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Last week, I got the chance to have a sneak preview of New Broadcasting House, which will be the home of the BBC from 2012.

New Broadcasting House is on the site of the old one on Portland Place where the Corporation’s radio arm has been based since 1932. Following the sales of Television Centre and Bush House and the move of some departments up to Salford, almost all of the BBC’s London operations will be based in this building.

One of the interesting things about the new building is the attempt of architects to make it more accessible to the people who pay for it – ie you and me. This is partly due to the BBC Trust’s commitment to increasing openness. But I understand that Westminster City Council also imposed a planning requirement for public access in return for the building increasing its footprint. Continue reading

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A towering disappointment

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I am a naturally nosy person. And nothing appeals to me more than getting a chance to snoop round buildings (and building sites) from icons to long neglected eyesores.

As a result, London Open House weekend – the annual opportunity to get a peek inside the capital’s buildings – has become a red letter event in my diary. But this year it will be tinged with disappointment.

Over the years I have been inside HM Treasury, St Pancras Chambers and Channel 4’s Horseferry Road building. But the one building I have longed to view is the BT Tower, or more specifically the viewing deck at the top.

Maybe it is because it has been off limits for most of my lifetime after its closure for security reasons, but the BT Tower has always appealed to me more than any other tall building in London. But it has never been included in the Open House London programme – until this year. Continue reading

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Common Ground

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At the risk of spreading myself too thinly I’ve decided to set up my own hyperlocal blog. Part of the reason I haven’t done this already is because I’ve not had a permanent address until now. Now that I have, I intend to immerse myself in my neighbourhood.

My current locality is Balham, but my blog covers Balham, Tooting and Clapham South, or more specifically the area between Clapham, Tooting and Wandsworth Commons. So I’ve called it Common People and South West London’s green lungs have already featured prominantly.

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There’s nothing wrong with aiming high

The Homeless World Cup 2008 in Melbourne

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This time last week, Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski was standing outside an office in Kings Cross handing out his cards to staff as they arrived at work.

The 22-year old graduate hoped his initiative would impress bosses at the Guardian enough to hire him as a journalist. Well it certainly impressed some Guardian journalists – one actually asked him to blog about his experiences

A week later and Tom has had a blogpost in the Guardian’s money section and has been discussed by a number of other bloggers and on Twitter. He may not have a job yet, but he is certainly being talked about. And unlike one of the Guardian’s previous rookie bloggers, the infamous Max Gogarty (now what ever happened to him?), the reaction to Tom’s post has been largely positive.

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