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Where are the women?

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This morning Radio 4’s Today programme hosted a discussion between three successful career women about the existence of a glass ceiling preventing women from progressing in their careers. It was part of former Commons speaker Betty Boothroyd’s stint as guest editor of the show.

The discussion involved Lorraine Heggessey, the first female controller of BBC1, Lucy Neville Rolfe, executive director and a member of the board of Tesco  and Rachel Lomax, former deputy governor of the Bank of England. They agreed that often women need to speak up a bit more and overcome the barriers in their own mind, such as fear of failure.

Heggessey said men are often better at pointing out all the things they can do whereas women are often stuck on what they can’t do. If men do get that voice in their head “they squash it down,” she said. Continue reading

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Being the sole fundraiser can be a lonely business | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional

“It means that every hour I spend on fundraising, I am not spending with a volunteer,” says Grey. “But fundraising is a necessary part of the job. If you are the best bid writer you write the bid.”

via Being the sole fundraiser can be a lonely business | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional.

My latest piece for the Guardian’s professional networks.

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How social entreprenuers are keeping the hostelling movement alive

I’m a life member of the Youth Hostels Association (YHA) and have followed the fate of the hostels sold off by the organisation for some years now. Back in 2006 I wrote about how charities and development trusts had stepped in to save hostels following a devastating round of closures, which saw one seventh of the network sold off by the YHA.

Almost five years on and another round of sell-offs has been proposed. So I revisited one of the hostels I covered in 2006 to see how it was doing under new ownership. I found Wooler youth hostel in Northumberland to be thriving under the management of Glendale Gateway Trust, a social enterprise. In the article for the Guardian’s Social Enterprise Network, I also covered how the success of Wooler has inspired other social enterprises in Northumberland to open brand new hostels. Continue reading

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Round up of eleven days of blogposts and audio treats

For the past eleven days I have been uploading outtakes and audio content generated while researching an article on new roles in journalism for the latest edition of The Journalist. It started on Boxing Day with a blogpost highlighting the potential of professional transfer and ended with a hat trick of clips from the BBC College of Journalism’s director Kevin Marsh.

Due to internet problems, there were some days where I could not get online to upload clips and write posts. So here’s some helpful links to all the content so that you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything. The clip for the 12th night is coming later on today. Continue reading

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The Quay Ingredient

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This week, the BBC started the recruitment process for the departments moving up to Salford.

This is something that many northern media folk are excited about. For so long people working in this industry (including yours truly) have had to move to London to fulfil their ambitions.

The BBC’s Media City development will hopefully encourage other media employers to cluster around the quays area and create something similar to London’s silicon roundabout. But it’s not just about jobs. Continue reading

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Stop, collaborate and listen…

Alex Wood of the Berlin Project

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Last week I blogged about the launch of a journalism cooperative by the team behind The Berlin Project. There’s been a lot of talk about new business models for journalism, but the idea of cooperatives has barely been mentioned. So it’s refreshing to see someone breaking new ground in that respect.

Another model deserving more attention is social enterprise. At News:Rewired earlier this month, Philip John, one of the brains behind hyperlocal site The Lichfield Blog, outlined his plans to turn it into a social enterprise. In an excellent post on the JournalLocal site, John suggests that to save journalism, local media could go down the social enterprise route and fund its work through grants and subsidies.

Continue reading

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There’s nothing wrong with aiming high

The Homeless World Cup 2008 in Melbourne

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This time last week, Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski was standing outside an office in Kings Cross handing out his cards to staff as they arrived at work.

The 22-year old graduate hoped his initiative would impress bosses at the Guardian enough to hire him as a journalist. Well it certainly impressed some Guardian journalists – one actually asked him to blog about his experiences

A week later and Tom has had a blogpost in the Guardian’s money section and has been discussed by a number of other bloggers and on Twitter. He may not have a job yet, but he is certainly being talked about. And unlike one of the Guardian’s previous rookie bloggers, the infamous Max Gogarty (now what ever happened to him?), the reaction to Tom’s post has been largely positive.

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