Journalist technology column: Journalism drones / Google Reader alternatives

The use of drones in warfare has been rightly controversial. But they are also attracting the interest of journalists and with two US Journalism schools teaching students how to use drones for reporting it was a good time to look at this new tool for the technology colum.

There are a lot of ethical, legal and regulatory issues to consider, and while drones clearly have their uses, some journalists will clearly feel uncomfortable with this innovation.

Here are some links to articles I found useful when researching this feature. You can also see links to content on alternatives to Google Reader, which relate to my review of Feedly.

You can download the Journalist from the NUJ website.

The Journalist, June / July 2013, Drones are not just for warfare

Drone journalism set for takeoff – once they’re permitted to use our airspace, The Guardian

Drones Go To Journalism School, Fast Company

Journalism schools start teaching students to fly drones, Russia Today

The Missouri Drone Journalism Program, MDJP

Why All Reporters (Not Just J-School Students) Should Learn to Fly Drones, Business Week

Professional Society of Drone Journalists, Drone Journalism

University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Drone Journalism Lab

 The Journalist, June / July 2013, Replacing Google Reader

The death of Google Reader: Taking the re- out of search, Charman-Anderson

A second spring of cleaning, Google | Official blog

Tips for Google Reader users migrating to, Building Feedly

As Google Reader goes offline, those living under censorship lose vital news source, The Verge

Five best Google Reader alternatives, Lifehacker

Check out these Google Reader alternatives, Mashable

Google Reader to be axed: What are the Alternatives?

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  1. Cosmin says:

    For news reading, you can also use
    It’s a free web app that allows you to select which websites content to keep up with.

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