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Mojo working

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Mobile phones have come a long way in just a few years.

I got my first mobile little more than a decade ago and back then even texting was a novelty. Now you can shoot, edit and distribute video and audio on one smartphone. In fact, even professional broadcast journalists are using them to produce their packages.

Smartphones potentially turn us all into broadcast journalists, but in this article for The Journalist magazine I explore how smartphones offer print and online journalists in particular an opportunity to become multimedia reporters.

The key thing is to learn how to use a smart phone to create a quality mobile journalism (MoJo) product. That’s something many journalists, including myself, are still working out. It is a very exciting time.

Turn to pages 12 – 13 to see this feature.

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The changing face of television news

For anyone involved in newsgathering, hearing from leading journalists the nature of the news we will see on our televisions in the future was an opportunity not be missed.

The Media Society event Will We Have News For You? brought together five journalists from public and commercial broadcasters to discuss the future of regional news. The panelists involved in the discussion at BBC Television Centre, were:

Nick Pollard (Former Head of Sky News in the Chair)

Mary Hockaday (Head Multi-media Newsroom, The BBC)

Jonathan Munro (Deputy Editor and Director of Newsgathering, ITV News)

Jonathan Levy (Editor General Election Sky News )

Stephen Cole (Presenter Al Jazeera English)

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