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Could the Mail bring some colour to India’s media?

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I’ve just returned from a trip to India where I traveled around the southern states of Karnataka and Goa. It’s my third visit to India and each time I have kept up with world news mainly through Indian newspapers like the Times of India and the Hindu.

Having briefly worked on an Indian paper, I am interested in how the media there is affected by the changes to the industry that we have face in Europe. One thing I have noticed is fewer features and original news in Indian papers than previously. This is a shame both for the reader and for India-based journalists, many of whom must be itching to bring hard-hitting stories to their readers’ attention. Continue reading

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Rewriting history?

Today I tried to dig out a few press releases from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website dating back to Peter Mandelson’s tenure as business secretary.

I was a little surprised to find that any press releases dating from before the last election had been archived.

Department for Business Innovation and Skills press release section

Historical revisionism?

When I visited the archive, I found that I could not longer view the press releases I wanted to read. When I clicked through all I found was a blank page with the following text:

Browse Archive http://nds.coi.gov.uk/content/Detail.aspx?ReleaseID=412943&NewsAreaID=2 not found Continue reading

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Twitter is here to stay

My post on Friday concerned a discussion on the BBC’s use of Twitter and Audioboo at the news:rewired event on Thursday where a delegate branded it a waste of the licence fee. Well, today events took a new turn with a Daily Express article criticising the time and money that Auntie was putting into social media.

Malcolm Cole, led the offensive against this article, pointing out that the journalists who were making claims about the lack of interest in BBC presenters’ Twitter feeds had confused followers and following. And after highlighting this example of sloppy journalism, he added for good measure that there were two journalists working on this story.

You can still click through to the embarrassing “story”, but you will find that it has been removed.

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