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Beyond the story

On Thursday I was blogger in residence for the News Rewired event, which looked at new business models for journalism in a digital age.

Because of my blogging duties, I was not able to give as much in-depth consideration to the presentations as I would have done normally. But there were a few highlights that I’d like to share. For me the high point of the afternoon was the final session on social gaming which was an eye opener.

Philip Trippenbach, an interactive producer at the BBC had some interesting news about a project he is working on which is trying to make sense of the British Class system. However, I was more interested in his opinions on non-narrative forms of journalism. It was this element of the News Rewired programme that truly encapsulated the “Beyond the Story” sub-title. Continue reading

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And boo to you too

News:Rewired at City University January 2010

Drawnalism's take on news:rewired

It’s always a tough call to decide which break out session to go to at conferences and yesterday’s News:Rewired was no exception. The event, organised by the website Journalism.co.uk, offered a glimpse of how the media is changing and which news models could prosper in the future.

The morning session included break-outs on Multimedia, Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation. I opted for the first one. The speakers included Steve Phillips, a traffic and travel correspondent at BBC London, who outlined how social media applications have aided his in this work.

BBC London Travel uses Twitter for both information gathering and sharing. They invite people to tweet them from their phones with stories of travel chaos whilst they are out and about. They use that infomation on radio, television and online. And of course, they also have their own Twitter feed to update the Twitterati. Continue reading

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