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Where are the new roles in journalism? 5th day of Christmas

In the next installment of my 12 Days of Christmas, I am sharing more outtakes from my feature for the Journalist on new roles in journalism.

Back in June I spoke to a number of journalists at the POLIS / BBC College of Journalism event on the value of Journalism. Among them were Laura Oliver, who at the time was at Journalism.co.uk, and Kevin Anderson, then of the Guardian. Over the past three days I have been uploading content from these interviews to my Audioboo account. Continue reading

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A professional fusion: 2nd day of Christmas

One of the problems that journalism has faced over the past few years is the decline of news as a salable commodity. When other professions have faced the same problem, they have looked outside of their traditional roles to find new sources of work.

When the decline in manufacturing created an oversupply of designers, those who couldn’t find work in tradition fields created the new discipline of service design. Likewise anthropologists have also found new markets for their work in the corporate sector.

Journalists are already able to move into PR, media training and copywriting. Now social reporting – a fusion of reporting and citizen engagement – is emerging as another journalistic discipline. Although it is currently quite a niche area, it does offer some possibilities for corporate and public sector commissions. Continue reading

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Beyond the story

On Thursday I was blogger in residence for the News Rewired event, which looked at new business models for journalism in a digital age.

Because of my blogging duties, I was not able to give as much in-depth consideration to the presentations as I would have done normally. But there were a few highlights that I’d like to share. For me the high point of the afternoon was the final session on social gaming which was an eye opener.

Philip Trippenbach, an interactive producer at the BBC had some interesting news about a project he is working on which is trying to make sense of the British Class system. However, I was more interested in his opinions on non-narrative forms of journalism. It was this element of the News Rewired programme that truly encapsulated the “Beyond the Story” sub-title. Continue reading

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The newsroom of the future

Originally uploaded by Stuart Pinfold.

Last week, I got the chance to have a sneak preview of New Broadcasting House, which will be the home of the BBC from 2012.

New Broadcasting House is on the site of the old one on Portland Place where the Corporation’s radio arm has been based since 1932. Following the sales of Television Centre and Bush House and the move of some departments up to Salford, almost all of the BBC’s London operations will be based in this building.

One of the interesting things about the new building is the attempt of architects to make it more accessible to the people who pay for it – ie you and me. This is partly due to the BBC Trust’s commitment to increasing openness. But I understand that Westminster City Council also imposed a planning requirement for public access in return for the building increasing its footprint. Continue reading

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How working overseas helped me adjust to freelancing

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Two years ago – almost to the day – I arrived in Melbourne with my boyfriend and a one-year visa. The purpose of my visit was to work for a few months in order to raise money for the rest of our round the world trip.

Unfortunately, I arrived in Melbourne at totally the wrong time. Someone had told us to arrive early in the Southern Hemisphere summer because all the backpacker jobs would be snapped up before February.

We were totally misinformed. For three months my boyfriend and I struggled to find office work. Our arrival had coincided with the pre-Christmas lull, which was much more pronounced in 2008 because of jitters about the economy. We finally got something in February (ironically). My boyfriend found a data entry job, while I got a relatively well paid dish-washing job. Continue reading

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Audioboo’s mailbox is great news for hacks

Audioboo have launched private digital voice messages on the internet and it will soon been on iphone and android

Private messaging from Audioboo

I must admit that I have been very lazy about putting Audioboo to good use. That could all change with the recent introduction of private messaging via its web service.

One of Audioboo’s drawbacks until now is the fact that you have to share your boo with the world. Today, I received an email saying that Audioboo has now introduced private messaging and when I logged into my account I found a private boo from Audioboo fan Stephen Fry explaining the changes. Continue reading

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The unexpected impact of spending cuts

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Now that last month’s spending cuts have been thoroughly digested, it’s a good time to look at the implications for media training.

The impact of the Browne Review has been looked at by the Wannabe Hacks who rightly point out that there may be more demand for fast track NCTJ courses as students opt for traditional subjects along with more cost effective vocational training.

However, I believe that even if this shift happens, the academic route into journalism will remain strong particularly at post graduate level, despite fee increases at undergraduate level. And ironically, I believe it will be the public sector spending cuts that boost the numbers of Journalism MA Programmes and other professional post-graduate courses.

It has been predicted that the public sector in the UK will shed around one million jobs over the next few years. Few of these people will be able to find new jobs in the public sector, leaving them with the option of finding work in the private sector, starting their own business or retraining. Continue reading

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